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11:27 am Pithos Web Client Feature #6115 (New): Support container creation and project reassignment
The client should allow creation of a new container. The wizard should ask for a project to assign the new container ...


04:59 pm Synnefo Feature #5024 (In Progress): Simplify project/application scheme
Allow changing a project without issuing an application.
Do not expose applications as separate entities in the UI a...


03:40 pm Synnefo Feature #5008 (New): Adapt UI to resource-pool projects
New projects bring several user-visible changes:
* project applications should mention both member limit and project...
03:33 pm Synnefo Feature #5007 (In Progress): Introduce resource-pool projects replacing current ones
All resources will be assigned at a specific projects. New user-specific base projects will be created to account for...
03:26 pm Synnefo Bug #3560 (Resolved): Accepting commissions sometimes fail with deadlock in astakos DB


01:31 pm Synnefo Bug #3530 (Resolved): snf-manage user information
01:26 pm Synnefo Feature #3557 (Resolved): Management command to display overdue pending commissions
01:23 pm Synnefo Feature #3350 (Resolved): Integrate the quotaholder into Astakos
01:22 pm Synnefo Feature #3349 (Resolved): Make maximum number of outstanding Project applications a quotable entity
01:22 pm Synnefo Feature #3344 (Resolved): Define and manage resources as part of Astakos

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