Feature #3606

cyclades reset usage --userid should send zero resources if user is not found

Added by Georgios Tsoukalas almost 11 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:04/16/2013
Priority:Medium Due date:
Assignee:Christos Stavrakakis % Done:


Category:Cyclades API Spent time: -
Target version:0.13.1


... since the user id was explicitly specified.
This will dispose of the inconvenience having to create resources
for users before reset usage is attempted.

Related issues

related to Synnefo - Bug #3661: cyclades-usage-verify misreports 0 usage as non-existing Closed 04/24/2013

Associated revisions

Revision 39d44eba
Added by Christos Stavrakakis almost 11 years ago

reconcile-resources: check that user exists in QH

Do not consider 0 usage for users and resources that are not included in
Quotaholder resources list, since Quotaholder returns zero usage for all
users and all resources. If a user/resource does not belong to QH
respond then it can not be an Astakos user.

Refs #3606 #3491 #3661

Revision ccfbf77b
Added by Christos Stavrakakis almost 11 years ago

Varous fixes to cyclades-usage-verify command

Extend 'cyclades-usage-verify' management command to cover the usage of
'cyclades-reset-usage' and remove the second one. The new command
reconciles resources(usage) by detecting inconsistencies between the
usage of resources in Astakos and Cyclades DB and fixing them by issuing
a commission with the difference of the usage in DB and Astakos. If
there is a pending commission for a resource, reconciliation for this
resource is skipped. Refs #3627

Also, make this command do not consider only users that exist in
Cyclades DB, but also users that exist in Quotaholder. For such users,
it is assumed that they have zero usage for all Cyclades resources.
Refs #3606 #3491


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