From 07/10/2012 to 08/08/2012


05:15 pm Feature #2748 (Resolved): Don't show size for subfolders in the list (on the right)
Fixed in commit:c20ea7d Christos Stathis
05:08 pm Revision c20ea7df: Show correct size of folder contents for folders displayed on the right
Christos Stathis


03:56 pm Feature #2748 (Resolved): Don't show size for subfolders in the list (on the right)
Christos Stathis
03:55 pm Bug #2747 (Resolved): Avoid 403 when heading foreign folders that are not shared but are parents ...
Christos Stathis


06:43 pm Revision 5687bf06: New debian release for v0.10.0
Kostas Papadimitriou
06:43 pm Revision 1415f3c2: Merge branch 'packaging' into debian
Kostas Papadimitriou
06:42 pm Revision ba79e26a: Merge branch 'master' into packaging
Kostas Papadimitriou


07:32 pm Revision a89c6b5c: Merge branch 'master' into foldersOnTheRight
Christos Stathis
07:31 pm Feature #2651 (Resolved): When empty trash is ready add an "empty" option in all containers
Fixed in commit:42214d4ad05707607508c7df4824ca305320f683 Christos Stathis
07:30 pm Bug #2633 (Resolved): Empty trash does not work due to 409 CONFLICT
Fixed in commit:3608dcd5a807eb3f51b575fd23bcc9b3b8860623 Christos Stathis
07:30 pm Bug #2549 (Closed): Sometimes when restoring a folder from trash, the content-type is lost and th...
Not reproduced Christos Stathis
07:29 pm Bug #2650 (Resolved): Make delete operation blocking with a glass panel
Fixed in commit:c3d9289b1875c3dc6f79908e796cc74435e8225b Christos Stathis
07:26 pm Revision 42214d4a: Implemented empty container for all containers with the new api
Christos Stathis
07:09 pm Revision 3608dcd5: Implemeted empty trash with the new API call
Christos Stathis
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