Bug #1815

Invitation email check

Added by Antony Chazapis over 12 years ago. Updated about 12 years ago.

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A user can send an invitation to an empty name, with an email that does not even contain a '@' character...
Also, when I try to see how many invitations I got left, I get an error. Going to https://plus.pithos.grnet.gr/im/invite?format=json, works fine.


#1 Updated by Christos Stathis over 12 years ago

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Input validation has been added in commit 6abe26f26aa44e8c6ac979a8a8c15bc93d1adc1f.
The invitations dialog has been tested on pithos.dev and plus.pithos (although on plus.pithos I have 0 invitations). What was the error that you got ?

#2 Updated by Christos Stathis about 12 years ago

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Invitation functionality moved out of the client so this issue is no longer relevant

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