From 08/20/2011 to 09/18/2011


08:21 pm Revision cd7c162f: Removed differences between Pithos and Cloudfiles authentication.
Pithos returns the ApiKey and actual URL as Token and Storage Url respectively. Thus it can respond to the auth reque... Panagiotis Kanavos
07:40 pm Feature #1205: Add code to retrieve the Token
Already spent 3 hours. Registering the pluggable protocol pithos: worked. Also added a DDE server to handle pithos: r... Panagiotis Kanavos
03:58 pm Feature #1211 (Closed): Create selective synch page
This should be a checked treeview with all REMOTE containers, folders.
When the folder changes:
* Separate unselect...
Panagiotis Kanavos
03:56 pm Feature #1209 (Closed): Implement Selective Folder Synch
Must implement the following subfeatures:
* Check the list of selected folders before uploading, downloading a file
Panagiotis Kanavos
03:49 pm Feature #1205 (Closed): Add code to retrieve the Token
To retrieve the token, register a custom schem with the PITHOS client (e.g. pithos://) and
# Open a browser window w...
Panagiotis Kanavos
03:23 pm Feature #1201 (Closed): Add notification mechanism
Need to add a mechanism to raise notifications from the monitor, network components. Notifications will then be displ... Panagiotis Kanavos
03:17 pm Feature #1199 (Closed): Upload/download hashmaps for each file
Panagiotis Kanavos
03:17 pm Feature #1197 (Closed): Modify uploads of existing files to use hashmaps
Panagiotis Kanavos
03:16 pm Feature #1193: Create hashmap calculator for local files
Each file is broken in blocks. A SHA256 hash is calculated for each file and stored. The hashmap is the collection of... Panagiotis Kanavos
03:14 pm Feature #1195 (Closed): Add hashmap storage for local files
Add mockable hashmap storage Panagiotis Kanavos
03:13 pm Feature #1193 (Closed): Create hashmap calculator for local files
Panagiotis Kanavos
03:12 pm Feature #1191 (Closed): Update taskbar status when downloading, uploading
Update the taskbar status and display number of files uploade, number of files downloaded Panagiotis Kanavos
03:09 pm Feature #929 (Closed): Display info for multiple accounts
Panagiotis Kanavos
03:08 pm Feature #933 (Closed): Prevent change notifications for downloaded files
Panagiotis Kanavos
03:07 pm Feature #933: Prevent change notifications for downloaded files
Resolved by introducing an in-memory collection with the files that are uploaded/downloaded at any time. Local Change... Panagiotis Kanavos
03:04 pm Feature #1189 (Closed): Display tags in a property window
Since arbitrary tags can't be stored and displayed using the file system's properties, we need to store tags locally ... Panagiotis Kanavos
03:02 pm Feature #927 (Closed): If possible, map item tags to file properties
Unfortunately, it is not possible to store arbitrary file properties. The type of properties that can be stored depen... Panagiotis Kanavos
02:59 pm Feature #919 (Closed): Client should move locally deleted items to Trash
Panagiotis Kanavos
02:59 pm Feature #941 (Closed): Modify the overlays extension to retrieve status from storage
Panagiotis Kanavos


01:25 pm Revision bcaae5d4: Create Pithos folder in AppData if it doesn't exist
Panagiotis Kanavos
12:59 pm Revision 82db721b: Replaced the Caliburn.Micro.WPF project with the resulting library Caliburn.Mi...
Panagiotis Kanavos


11:05 pm Revision 7d915c34: Changed the retry function in PithosClient to use the TPL
Deactivated the EnsureHost() function in PithosHost.cs
Modified the GotoPithos menu command in FileContextMenu.cs to ...
Panagiotis Kanavos
06:56 pm Revision d15e99b4: Extracet the job queue functionality to JobQueue.cs
Added a Retry function to PithosClient.cs.cs
Removed commented code from CloudFilesClient.cs
Panagiotis Kanavos


11:30 pm Revision e07bddd3: Removed hammock source
Panagiotis Kanavos
11:26 pm Revision 4d301e8e: Replaced Hammock with custom code
Panagiotis Kanavos


09:38 pm Revision 79736291: Extracted Authentication URL to application settings
Panagiotis Kanavos
08:28 pm Revision 46ad0586: Fixed target platform form some of the setup modules
Panagiotis Kanavos
08:25 pm Revision 3c43ec9b: Added Tag storage
DB storage in AppData Panagiotis Kanavos
02:06 pm Revision 0d0f6837: Renamed Pithos.Setup to Pithos.Setup.x64
Panagiotis Kanavos


06:52 pm Revision 283809f3: Changes in PithosMonitor and StatusKeeper to detect concurrent changes
Added x64 setup program Panagiotis Kanavos


08:11 pm Revision 426f53b8: Added Setup project
Panagiotis Kanavos
07:43 pm Revision 0050438e: Added Tags retrieval
Panagiotis Kanavos
06:00 pm Revision 0eea575a: Added hammock project to debug streaming issues
Added latest Castle Activerecord version to target ClientProfile
Modified StatusKeeper.cs to overcome SQLite synch is...
Panagiotis Kanavos


01:24 pm Revision b5061ac8: -
Panagiotis Kanavos
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