From 03/17/2013 to 04/15/2013


06:07 pm Revision 87487bbf: In Share Dialog, remove the header line when the permission list is empty.
Refs #3575 Christos KK Loverdos
04:49 pm Revision fbb19e02: Change wording: Sharing -> Share in the folder context menu
Refs #3575 Christos KK Loverdos
04:46 pm Revision cb1f6cdb: Update permission table after adding user/group
Refs #3575 Christos KK Loverdos
04:45 pm Revision ed2b76a4: Rename constructor params
Refs #3575 Christos KK Loverdos
04:35 pm Feature #3595 (Closed): When right clicking on a file remove the "Delete" option unless we are in...
If we are in a container that is not the "Trash", we shouldn't be able to delete a file permanently. Thus, we do not ... Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
04:30 pm Feature #3593 (Closed): File sharing overlay: Warn for already added users, when trying to unchec...
It seems you are already sharing this file with some users. Please remove all users from the sharing list, to be able... Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
04:26 pm Feature #3592 (Closed): Do not create Group on the File sharing overlay
We do not want to create new groups through the File sharing overlay, because it is very frustrating from a user-expe... Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
04:17 pm Feature #3575 (Assigned): Refactor the view of the Sharing procedure
OK, we are leaving Folders as is without "Publish" for now.
One comment: Remove the headers line: "Users/Groups Re...
Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
03:33 pm Feature #3575 (Feedback): Refactor the view of the Sharing procedure
I see that currently, there is no "Publish" functionality for Folders. So, I am leaving it as it is.
The unified Pub...
Christos KK Loverdos


06:26 pm Feature #3575 (Assigned): Refactor the view of the Sharing procedure
Check dev84. Implemented in File->Share for now. Will also do it for Folder->Share. Christos KK Loverdos
05:09 pm Revision 64d3b76b: Unify 'Publish' and 'Sharing' dialogs into one (for files)
Christos KK Loverdos


04:49 pm Revision e0a0c6ea: Add more logging utilities
Christos KK Loverdos


04:33 pm Feature #3575 (Closed): Refactor the view of the Sharing procedure
Currently, when right clicking on a File one has two options wrt sharing:
1. Publish
2. Sharing
With "Publish"...
Constantinos Venetsanopoulos


04:08 pm Revision 07f72d32: Merge branch 'issue_3443' into develop
Christos KK Loverdos
04:07 pm Revision 8ddb4627: Provider a safer way to purge the container
Refs #3443
Christos KK Loverdos
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