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Added by j_mayer over 16 years ago

Rework PowerPC exceptions model to make it more versatile:
  • don't use exception vectors as the exception number.
    Use vectors numbers as defined in the PowerPC embedded specification instead
    and extend this model to cover all emulated PowerPC variants exceptions.
  • add some missing exceptions definitions, from PowerPC 2.04 specification
    and actual PowerPC implementations.
  • add code provision for hypervisor exceptions handling.
  • define exception vectors and prefix in CPUPPCState to emulate BookE exception
    vectors without any hacks.
  • define per CPU model valid exception vectors.
  • handle all known exceptions in user-mode only emulations.
  • fix hardware interrupts priorities in most cases.
  • change RET_EXCP macros name into GEN_EXCP as they don't return.
  • do not stop translation on most instructions that are not defined as
    context-synchronizing in PowerPC specification.
  • fix PowerPC 64 jump targets and link register update when in 32 bits mode.
  • Fix PowerPC 464 and 464F definitions.

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