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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
4956 FeatureNewMedium Examine how much space the snapshot consumes01/21/2014 01:23 pm
6698 BugNewMedium`Show more` link is almost invisible in Shared with me side list Christos KK Loverdos12/11/2014 03:30 pm
4479 FeatureResolvedHigh.kamaki.history recommendationsStavros Sachtouris02/24/2014 01:24 pm
4007 BugNewMedium/servers/detail OpenStack APIVangelis Koukis06/13/2013 06:49 pm
3170 BugNewMedium/ui/ and pithos+ not accessible02/08/2013 06:37 pm
3361 FeatureAssignedMedium~okeanos-neutral branding for SynnefoConstantinos Venetsanopoulos03/03/2013 08:10 pm
4154 BugResolvedMedium413 REQUEST ENTITY TOO LARGE move objectSofia Papagiannaki07/23/2013 03:45 pm
4502 BugResolvedMedium500 Internal Server Error on file sharingSofia Papagiannaki10/29/2013 01:55 pm
3560 BugResolvedHighAccepting commissions sometimes fail with deadlock in astakos DBGiorgos Korfiatis01/29/2014 03:26 pm
4689 FeatureNewLowAction LogGiorgos Pantazis12/02/2013 02:20 pm
5008 FeatureNewHighAdapt UI to resource-pool projectsKostas Papadimitriou01/29/2014 03:40 pm
3366 FeatureNewHighadd --dryrun argument to all DB-changing management commandsChristos Stavrakakis03/04/2013 01:54 pm
2341 FeatureResolvedMediumAdd a "create group" node as a last item in the group treeChristos Stathis05/02/2012 05:43 pm
4982 FeatureNewMediumAdd a mechanism for allowing the user to delete arbitrary files during image creation01/25/2014 03:13 pm
4781 FeatureNewLowAdd checks in installerGiorgos Pantazis12/18/2013 07:31 pm
4811 FeatureNewMediumAdd match and filter arguments in listing commands (and others of similar functionalityStavros Sachtouris02/07/2014 12:31 pm
3364 FeatureNewHighAdd progress report for console output of server-listChristos Stavrakakis03/04/2013 01:49 pm
2613 BugNewMediumAdd recaptcha in password reset02/08/2013 06:43 pm
2347 FeatureResolvedMediumAdd validation to metadata formChristos Stathis04/30/2012 03:40 pm
2349 BugResolvedMediumAdd validation to permission formChristos Stathis04/30/2012 03:10 pm
5025 SupportNewMediumAdjust kamaki CLI to astakosclient/project_API changesStavros Sachtouris02/04/2014 05:36 pm
5052 SupportNewMediumAdjust project-related commands to comply with synnefo > 0.15Stavros Sachtouris02/10/2014 11:51 am
1151 FeatureNewMediumAdmin interface feature requestsGiorgos Verigakis02/07/2012 12:02 pm
995 FeatureAssignedHighAdmin tool to collect and display statistics from the Synnefo DB and the backendGiorgos Verigakis02/07/2012 11:58 am
2488 BugResolvedMediumAfter rename the file should be selected and scrolled into viewChristos Stathis06/05/2012 12:28 pm

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